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Thai Silk Diamond Service

We opened our latest Thai Silk branch in January 2009, expertly run by Mam our office Manageress. Mam speaks fluent English and will guide you through the introduction and meeting process with the beautiful ladies that are registered with our Diamond office.

Diamond OfficeSituated just a few miles from the heart of Bangkok at the end of the sky train at On Nut . Our "Diamond" office is within easy reach of all the major tourist attractions and offers you comfortable air conditioned hospitality with the added bonus of accommodation in the same building.
Nobody wants to miss those all important meetings with the ladies.
Should you not wish to stay adjacent to our office there are some very comfortable hotels just a short taxi ride away.

MamAt the Diamond office we prefer to introduce you to your chosen ladies on a one to one basis. We will happily arrange for you to meet the ladies in a group meeting if preferred.

Once you have met the ladies we collect feedback from both parties. If there is a mutual interest we will arrange for you and your chosen lady to go on a date either the same day or the day after. Hopefully by the end of your stay you will have met that special lady and told us that you both wish to become engaged. After you return home we then start to organize the required paperwork on your behalf. Upon your return to Thailand you will be able to marry and apply for your wife's visa in the shortest possible time. With our *100% visa success record you are guaranteed to be in very capable hands.

Mark Wedding 2 Year After Care Service Included
Thai Silk Introductions administer any help, advice and support that you and your wife may need.


Our aftercare begins whilst you are in Thailand and for a two year period following your marriage ceremony.

We pride ourselves on our professional extensive introductory programme and customer care. You will not find this type of QUALITY service anywhere else.

Call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

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Our Diamond office fees are set at 1950.00.

*Visa success subject to compliance with current immigration regulations*