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Thai Etiquette


Manners in Thailand are very important. At all times it is preferable to conduct yourself with dignity

land of smilesFar too often Western men are seen in Thailand enjoying themselves maybe just a little too much.
If a Thai person, man woman or child smiles at you it is polite to smile back, after all Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles.
The head is considered the most sacred body part and the feet the most unclean. Therefore it would be frowned upon if you touched another persons head(other than that of a child) or point your feet towards someone, or for instance any type of sacred image.
Always remember to remove your shoes when entering someones home or a temple.

Greeting People

Thai people usually greet each other using the Wai, which is a prayer like gesture made with both hands. The more important the person you are greeting the higher you will wai for instance when meeting your ladies parents or a monk you would wai with your hands to your forehead.
Most of the time the western wai is the one generally used where you would raise your hands so your fingertips rest just under your chin.

The Thai Royal Family

dress conservatively

The Royal Family in Thailand are held in very high esteem.

While this is not the case in the UK any small amount of disrespect to the Thai Royal family will cause huge offence in any circles in Thailand.

You will notice that every household will have a picture, photo or statue of the King and Queen.
So always be aware of how important the Royal family are in Thailand.










The majority of Thai people are Buddhists, and they do take their religion very seriously.
You must always respect any Buddha image temple or monk.

Dress Code

Always dress accordingly in Thailand. The Thais natural modesty prevents them from showing large areas of skin. Keep the shorts and bare chests for the beach resorts and always dress conservatively when visiting a temple or holy place.