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Questions & Answers


Q... Why use Thai Silk Introduction Agency?

A... We at Thai Silk are 100% committed to finding YOU your ideal dream partner, we will not just throw two people together.
We try to find a lady with similar interests and future plans that matches yours. Our office in Bangkok work hard to find genuine honest hard working Thai ladies who are wholeheartedly looking for a western husband. We arrange all the paperwork for you to be married thus taking the worry from you. Thai silk introductions will also (if required) arrange your ladies visa and once you are married will offer you a 2 year after service should you have any problems.

Q... What type of ladies do you have on your register?

A... We have ladies from all walks of life, employment and from good family orientated backgrounds. We have ladies that are Teachers, Nurses, Office workers, manual workers, accountants etc., most are educated to at least high school standards and many to University standard. We guarantee that there are no ladies on our register that have been bar girls.

How do we know this ?

Each lady is interviewed personally by our office Managers in Bangkok, who have 20+ years experience in introductions. They are also asked to complete a registration form which is kept on file at our offices.

Q... How many Thai ladies can I meet during my stay?

A... As many as you require! We have found by previous experience that generally you will meet a lady that you really like within the first 2 or 3 meetings.

Q...Why should I marry a Thai lady?

A... Thai culture is taught from an early age and it is very important for a Thai wife to take care of her husband.
Many gentleman are disillusioned with the changes that appear to be happening with the vast majority of modern women around the world, if you feel you're one of them, then a Thai wife will be ideal. Loyal, modest, usually shy, high morals...the list is endless. The more love and respect you show to your wife the more she will give back 10 fold. Remember we are speaking from experience having aided in hundreds of loving relationships.

Q... What do I need to do to qualify to join your agency?

A...As long as you are an unattached well mannered gentleman you qualify.

In order for your wife to be able to obtain a visa you must be able to support her financially and to be able to offer her a place to live.

Q ...Will there be a problem if there is an age difference between us?

A... Thai women consider an older man to be much more stable and supportive therefore age is not a major problem in Western/Thai relationships. There are no hard and fast rules there may be 5 years difference between you or 30 years difference, as long as you are both happy.
Q... How long should I stay in Thailand to find my Thai wife?

A... This is entirely up to you. Past experience shows that realistically 10 days is the minimum time you should be looking to stay in Thailand. The longer you stay the more time you have to meet our ladies.

Q...Do all the girls speak good English?

A... Some of the the ladies speak better English than the westerners themselves! Some will have a reasonable amount, and some little or none. Do not be discouraged by this in any way, our office staff in Bangkok are always on hand if translation is required and if you do progress with a lady that cannot speak English very well she will be eager to go to college or a learning centre to improve her English.

Q... What is your visa success rate?

A... 100%.(as long as both parties fullfil the required stipulations as set by the Embassy in question).Should a lady ever fail a visa interview, almost certainly she will be successful on the second attempt.

Q ...Do I really need to use your visa service?

A...Here at Thai Silk Introductions we have over 40 years combined experience in arranging , we will arrange all the relevant applications translations and all other paperwork
(for a UK visa there's more official legal implications than just filling out a visa application form). We will then invite you and your fiancée to our office to discuss the application details and to double check that you both fulfill the visa requirements.
Our experienced visa training staff will then teach your lady one to one over a 2/3 day period so she knows what to answer, when to answer and how to answer. The Embassy staff are of course looking for honesty in her answers, but she must answer in the right way. This is where the training is invaluable. Our service also offers great value for money when you consider most of the visa agencies are charging more than double our fees.

Q... Why do many Thai women look for foreign husbands?

A... The majority of Thai ladies are looking for a stable sincere caring loving partner. Thailand is without doubt a masculine orientated society and lean towards the male rather than the female in every aspect of life. It is not unusual for a Thai man to have several girlfriends as well as a wife. Understandably this is considered unsuitable by many Thai females who are looking for stability and loyalty in a man. Obviously this does not apply to all Thai men, but unfortunately from the ladies point of view the majority.

Amazingly from a westerners point of view women in Thailand are not considered equal to their male counterparts, ( this is slowly changing however.) Western men are thought of as faithful loving and have the integrity that unfortunately many Thai men are lacking.

If you have any further questions or queries which are not covered on our website please contact us directly.