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Read our full introductions procedure here - this applies to both Thai Silk packages.

What are the differences between our Gold and Silver Services?

Gold Service

Diamond Service

240 ladies to view on dvd hundreds more available on our Gold register many educated to university standard

100+ladies to view on dvd and many more available on our Diamond register

Free letter-writing and postal service.

Free letter-writing and postal service

Gold Office based in heart of Bangkok close to the Thai embassy, many restaurants, hotels, entertainment facilities & shops. Temples and cultural sites easily accessible via a short bus ride.

Diamond Office based on the outskirts of Bangkok within an easy taxi ride to the main heart of the city.

Service conducted by our British team - along with a full guide of the Thai Silk selection process their professional abilities in both the understanding of Thai / British culture and language are unequalled by any other agency.

Service conducted by the Bangkok manageress who is a Thai lady. She speaks good English and will assist you with the introductions and guide you through the process of selection.

Gold service office have 21 years experience in introductions

Whilst our Diamond service is relatively new our Manageress has several years experience in this field

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